Telur Gobal-gabul

Enjoy “Telur Gobal-gabul” at Mbak Yuni’s Corner in Kotabaru, Jogja

Mbak Yuni’s Corner is one of the best restaurants in Jogja

If you’re just walking around the city and want to try some real Indonesian food, Jogja has a great dining scene. There are many secret gems, but the “Warung Pojok Mbak Yuni” stands out as one that you have to try, especially telur gobal-gabul. People love this five-foot tent café on Jalan I Dewa Nyoman Oka in Kotabaru, Gondokusuman.

From Granny’s story to the present day, the history of Yuni’s Tenda Takedown

This food adventure began in 2007 with the proud owner, Yuni. Her grandma was the first person to make a stand. It turned into a homemade tent when Yuni took charge. This tent, which was Grandma’s mostly permanent home, was where I started. “The food is always a mashup of different Javanese dishes,” she tells us.

The menu has a lot of great things, like crispy Telur Gobal-Gabul and more

What a treat it is to eat at “Warung Pojok Mbak Yuni,” where you can get both veggie and traditional Javanese food in one meal. One of the main things to see? This old treat is called the telur gobal-gabul.

She makes these tasty treats from scratch: an omelet with green onions and a little flour that is cooked until it is brown and crisp. People still like chicken, fish, tofu, and tempe better, even though it’s been going viral lately. What an all-around meal!

The 60 kilograms of egg magic that Telur Gobal-Gabul needs every day

The staff at “Warung Pojok Mbak Yuni” cracks open sixty kilograms of eggs every day just for the chaos at Gobal-Gabul. For lack of a better word, an egg-stravaganza.

Getting Back to the Roots with Traditional Anglo and Arang Recipes

What’s interesting? This warung doesn’t have any modern ovens, so everything is cooked on anglo and arang. Yuni says that this traditional way of cooking rice always makes it perfectly cooked and full of flavor.

Stories from the Fans: Early Morning Fight Against Hunger

Both Nanik and Sumartini, who come here often, try to get a plate of the gobal-gabul and the other mixed meals. “Get here early, there’s a huge line.” You have to wait sometimes for the gobal-gabul to be ready because it goes away the fastest. It was a good use of time. With a smile, they say, “Authentic Javanese food.”

When and where Mbak Yuni’s Corner will be held

The doors to “Warung Pojok Mbak Yuni” open from 6 AM to 1:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Don’t rush, though, because things might end early, especially around the holidays. People who live there and people who just want to look wait in line.

On weekends and holidays, the kitchen is closed for the day.

New, quick, and cheap: Telur gobal-gabul, tasty treats for all budgets

All treats are made and given on the same day to make sure they taste fresh and delicious. What could be better? It won’t quickly drain your bank account. For as little as Rp11,000, you can get a meal of rice, veggies, and the crunchy telur gobal-gabul. Have fun with your food!