Baliida: The Café Bringing Balinese Inspiration to South Korea

Baliida: The Café Bringing Balinese Inspiration to South Korea

A café in South Korea has garnered significant attention and gone viral due to its unique Balinese-inspired concept. While it’s common for cafés in Indonesia to adopt Korean themes, this café in South Korea has taken the opposite approach by infusing its establishment with a tropical Bali ambiance. Here are some fascinating facts about Baliida, the Balinese-themed café in South Korea:

Open Since 2021

Baliida is situated in Ansan, South Korea, a city known for its diverse population of foreign residents. Many Indonesians also call this city home. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Baliida chose this location. Specifically, Baliida is located at 57 Gubong town-gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, South Korea, right on the beachfront. The café has been open since 2021.

Baliida: The Café Bringing Balinese Inspiration to South Korea

Creating Tropical Balinese Vibes

Baliida’s unique and captivating ambiance offers a taste of Bali in the heart of South Korea. The café’s design, from the front entrance to the picturesque backdrop of the beach, exudes the essence of Bali. This tropical atmosphere is further enhanced by the interior, which incorporates elements crafted from wood, rattan, and various other aesthetically pleasing materials.

Every nook and corner of the café serves as an Instagram-worthy spot, and the prominently displayed ‘Baliida’ logo overlooking the beach has become a favored location for visitors to capture stunning photos.

A Distinctive Menu Selection

Baliida’s menu offerings have also garnered attention for their uniqueness and creativity. In addition to serving classic coffee options commonly found in cafés, Baliida offers a variety of refreshing beverages, including cocktails, ade (a type of fruit punch), and more.

The cocktails at Baliida are beautifully presented in vibrant, tropical colors, evoking the ambiance of Bali itself. Much like the renowned cafés in Bali, Baliida also serves sumptuous smoothie bowls.

However, Baliida’s menu extends beyond beverages and smoothies; it also features an array of exquisite cakes and pastries. These delectable treats are reasonably priced, with options ranging from approximately 5,000 to 9,000 South Korean Won.

Baliida has successfully brought the allure of Bali’s tropical paradise to South Korea, providing both locals and tourists with a distinctive and visually captivating café experience. With its blend of aesthetic charm and delightful offerings, it’s no surprise that this Balinese-inspired café has taken South Korea’s café scene by storm.